Monday, February 13, 2012

One More.

Lily and Ella are both now in big girl beds. As cute as it is, it has not come without its hiccups. Lily enjoys running out for one more hug. She also likes yelling "one more" from her bed, meaning one more kiss. She is feisty and fresh, but she doesn't hold back telling us how she feels about us. She says "Love you Mommy and Daddy" clear as day. She puckers up her sweet lips for a kiss and leans in with all her might. She is our mushy mush mush. 

Ella somewhere along the way, stopped saying I love you. She stopped kissing us on the lips. She even gives us a silly side hug when we lean in for a giant one. She is already too cool for us. Tonight though, as she watched Lily lean in for "one more kiss" Ella yelled for me and said "one for me too." I got a big wet one, right on the kisser! Just in time for Valentine's Day. 

I am hoping Lily's persistant PDAs convince Ella that it is cool to tell Mommy and Daddy she loves us. Until then, I have this picture...

I will take what I can get these days, even if a little trickery is involved. Not sure she was aware of what she was pointing to, but I was. 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.