Friday, September 28, 2012


My latest Pinspiration was to create a sconce out of vintage shutters. I have limited table top room on my end tables, so a lamp has always been cumbersome. I am too attached to these amazing vintage end tables to get new ones, so I needed to come up with a new way to get light. Of course I was inspired or had a "pinspiration" from Pinterest. I saw this new paneled shutter turned sconce and just had to make my own with my own vintage twist.

Then I got the find of a century. A salvage yard, where the guy who runs it is as obsessed with antique shutters as I am. He had these amazing Slate blue shutters that came down from a house in 1938 and have been sitting in a barn since then. I scooped them up, cleaned them off and got to work. I found the perfect expandable sconce and put it all together. 

Now I am selling them for $250 each or $450/pair. I can take requests of colors, styles of shutters and sconce styles. Go to my Etsy shop Shutter Aglow to check them out! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pinterest Projects

Like I have said before, I am too busy pinning to write. Lately I have been too busy actually creating my Pins. Such a sense of accomplishment to find something you love on Pinterest, then create it. Recently I pinned a breakfast nook and got it in my head to create one. I scoured Craigslist for weeks looking for just he right Nook. Then I found it. Hideous, dirty and in desperate need of a face lift. However it was solid wood and only $175! It included the table and two chairs. Major score.

I ordered outdoor fabric to reupholster the cushions. The kind of fabric that you can pour a glass of red wine on and it rolls right off. I plan on putting this to test time and time again. I got a great deal at for $6.75/yard. Can't beat that. We then painted, distressed and varnished the wood benches. I ordered a couple throw pillows from The Lacey Placey Etsy Shop. I also painted the chairs in "almost ebony" with a "witch hazel" distressed bottom. I have a feeling my kids will enjoy many cozy meals at this table for years to come. All for under $250.

Pinterest Inspiration
Craigslist purchase - Before Picture. Yuck!

Distressing Phase. The color is Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore.

Almost finished!

Ready for cozy time! Our next project is swapping out the table top for a barn door or distressed wood planks.
Another Pinterest inspiration....

My next Pinterest project...tune in for pictures. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sassy Babies Giveaway!

Love this beautiful bag from Sassy Babies! Go on to their Facebook to enter their giveaway! I did and I have my fingers and toes crossed (:

Sassy Babies Giveaway!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Where Did My Baby Go?

It has been forever since I last posted. We have had a whirlwind summer of vacations and fun.

However, today I was jolted back to reality. I had Ella's Pre-K orientation. The program is full day. We have known since she was a baby that we wanted her to go to this school. It is so loving, nurturing and we know she is going to thrive...

...But at the orientation Ella was inconsolable. Crying, nervous and clingy. SO unlike her. I had a lump in my throat the whole time. If anyone had spoken to me in those moments I would have burst into tears. Luckily, no one dared.

We made it through the hour somehow. I squeezed her and told her how proud I was of her. I asked her what she wanted me to pack her for lunch for her first day. Salami and Cheese with Mayo was her answer. She was back. Happy, holding my hand and skipping as if the tortuous hour had not even occurred. Meanwhile, I felt shell shocked and anxiety ridden. I sought solace at a friend's house, who fed me and gave me headache meds. Thank god for girlfriends. The day got better and we tried to make everything about the next day special. Lunch is packed, projects completed and surprise first day of school gift was given.

Shiny new locket for my Ella. 

Picture of Mommy and Daddy for my big girl. 
We got her her a locket with a picture of Mommy and Daddy in it. She opened the locket tonight at dinner and was so excited.

I know there will be moments she will miss us and feel like she needs a hug. Hopefully those moments will be few and far between. If they do happen, she can squeeze her locket and think of us. answer your question, I am crying. When did this happen? Where did my baby go?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lily and Vivi's Birthday Continued....

Vivienne Soleil - one of the beautiful birthday fairies.
Woodland Animal Masks. Great for boys and girls. We simply printed them from a template and glues them on basic masks you can find at Michael's Crafts. We then added lots of gold glitter to them. Find the templates here -

One of our many signs "There are birthday fairies in your garden, over trees and under beams...spinning EVERyWHERE! 
Golden draping tulle gave the birthday banners a magical shimmery glow.  
Dancing Fairies. This was my favorite party of the party. The girls took off running, wings and all. It felt like a real enchanted garden. 

Any party that ends with a sleeping fairy was a complete success. 

Lily and Vivi's Enchanted Garden Birthday

I went full force into planning Lily's birthday party this year. Luckily, I had a partner in crime. My amazing friend Sonja's daughter Vivienne (Vivi) was also turning two. We decided to join forces and throw a fairy extravaganza. Lily and Vivi have been destined to be best friends since they were in utero. Sonja and I were thrown joint baby showers from our amazing play group. We were given matching outfits for our girls before they were even born and therefore it forged a beautiful friendship between Mommies and babies. So we decided to thrust ourselves into the world of fairy wings, glitter, woodland creatures and crowns. Here are some pictures from our party with some DIY links to help you create an Enchanted Fairy Garden party of your very own. Sonja owns her own hat, wing, fascinator and headband company called Fascination Baby. Her Etsy shop can be found at;
Invitation thanks to;
Long enchanted table in Mint green table cloth. Floating pom poms from Party city. Bench made from tree stumps. 

Moss runner from Michael's Crafts - Garden fairies and bowls of goldfish (of course).

Fairy Nectar (AKA watered down Pink Lemonade) We supplied cups with covers and a marker for writing names.   
Can you find the gnomes? 

Fairy Wings, Fairy wands made from glow sticks and streamers, fairy dust with make-up brush, Gnome hats, woodland Animal masks, fairy tattoos and a basket of bubbles!

This was the hub of the party and also where the guests put the birthday gifts. We had glow sticks for the boys to use as woodland swords. 
Above the favor table we placed our home-made birthday banner and a clothesline of twine with pictures of the girls from birth. We draped the beautiful chinese maple tree with glittery golden tulle to give that mystical touch. 

Edible fairy wand favors. Made from homemade all-natural fruiti O's cereal marshmallow treats that were dipped in pink chocolate and topped with a juju star. All the favors were on lollipop sticks and stuck in a floral wreath covered in moss. The giant toadstool was a computer print out glued on a lollipop stick. They were also stuck throughout the yard. 

"Pin the Crown on the Fairy" We took a poster we purchased and adhered it to a thick board we sprayed pink. We also cut out various pieces of paper and glued them to created the layered look. 
A fairy princess pinning a crown on a fairy. 

The sign read "Shhhhh Fairies are sleeping." We took a bed frame and added pink, aqua and white balloons. This helped introduce guests to the party. 

The greeting sign - "In the land of fairies and gnomes too. An enchanted garden party awaits you. Vivi and Lily are 2!"

We made many signs. One to help guide guests to the party, one to  lead them to the bathroom and many to just be whimsical and silly. 

My Lily fairy princess. Sonja at Fascination Baby made the amazing GOLDEN LACE CROWNS. 

Lily saying hello to one of the many woodland creatures. 

Birthday Girls being sung to. Thats me (: We had pink lemonade icing cupcakes topped with amazing wafer butterflies and fairies. The butterflies actually had the girl's names on them. They can be found at;
Custom Fairy wings by Fascination Baby!
Fairy Cakes! Marshmallow treats made from all-natural fruit Os and pink marshmallows. We also used these to make the favors. 

Sonja and I with our beautiful fairies. It was so much fun to have an amazing friend to throw such a girly party with. For wings, hats, crowns or headpieces go to;

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Too busy pinning to write my blog. Seriously.

Just a quick note to say that I still love Wine, Cheese and my babies; I have just been too busy pinning to write about it. Currently on a quest to "Pinterest"my house. Cozy reading nooks, crafty things made out of pom poms, cozies for my coffee cup and peppers in dip in the shape of an octopus. So for a bit all I will be posting is pictures of my adventures in Pinterest. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 13, 2012

One More.

Lily and Ella are both now in big girl beds. As cute as it is, it has not come without its hiccups. Lily enjoys running out for one more hug. She also likes yelling "one more" from her bed, meaning one more kiss. She is feisty and fresh, but she doesn't hold back telling us how she feels about us. She says "Love you Mommy and Daddy" clear as day. She puckers up her sweet lips for a kiss and leans in with all her might. She is our mushy mush mush. 

Ella somewhere along the way, stopped saying I love you. She stopped kissing us on the lips. She even gives us a silly side hug when we lean in for a giant one. She is already too cool for us. Tonight though, as she watched Lily lean in for "one more kiss" Ella yelled for me and said "one for me too." I got a big wet one, right on the kisser! Just in time for Valentine's Day. 

I am hoping Lily's persistant PDAs convince Ella that it is cool to tell Mommy and Daddy she loves us. Until then, I have this picture...

I will take what I can get these days, even if a little trickery is involved. Not sure she was aware of what she was pointing to, but I was. 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Typical Lily

Yesterday I closed the fridge door to see Lily standing straight up on the kitchen table, staring at me; smiling. As a reminder she is only 19 months old and has already suffered a broken wrist. My next move was calculated so I did not shock her into falling on my rock hard tile floor. I somehow calmly walked over and picked her up <insert> wailing. How dare I save her from certain injury! Bad Mommy.

Next, I turned around to see Ella (3) staring at me; this is what she said next;

"Typical Lily."

Then she went back to playing with dolls and whatnot. Stunned, I just nodded - yup Typical Lily.

"Typical Lily"

My Mommy Mantra - Make your kids an incredible part of your life, not your WHOLE life. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Where to go, when there is no where to go...

Maybe I am losing my mind, or maybe it is just winter and I have a crazed toddler and an "eager to move" 3 year old on my hands. But I couldn't hack it today. Maybe it is the fact that for the first time in a LONG time, I had a night away from my girls, and I am a little rusty. Maybe it is just that I am human. Whatever it was, today I was losing my mind. Kids screaming, playing with things that are not toys (electric sockets), no plans with friends to distract from the mayhem, no cream in the house for my coffee, no moments of peace this morning. Just non-stop Mommy. So I scooped up the girls and we headed to Whole Foods; for cream for my much needed coffee.

Our Whole Foods has a kids play area right next to a coffee and gelato bar...score. For one full half hour I enjoyed a large latte and a cranberry pistachio biscotti while my girls happily played with new and exciting toys and the occasional kid.

A moment of heaven in an unmanageable day. I got my mojo back and we went shopping for cream (for more coffee) and for something to make for dinner. Mussels, fennel, tilapia, asparagus and crusty bread.

We went home and played in the backyard for an hour before I threw them in the trick to get them to take a good nap. A two hour nap later (them, not me) and I had dinner prepped and was enjoying a nice cold beer as hubby walked in. Thanks Whole Foods for saving the day. Wonder who will save the day tomorrow?
Bacon, shallots, fennel and jalapeno mussels  in a Beer/Butter broth. Say that 10 times fast.