Friday, September 28, 2012


My latest Pinspiration was to create a sconce out of vintage shutters. I have limited table top room on my end tables, so a lamp has always been cumbersome. I am too attached to these amazing vintage end tables to get new ones, so I needed to come up with a new way to get light. Of course I was inspired or had a "pinspiration" from Pinterest. I saw this new paneled shutter turned sconce and just had to make my own with my own vintage twist.

Then I got the find of a century. A salvage yard, where the guy who runs it is as obsessed with antique shutters as I am. He had these amazing Slate blue shutters that came down from a house in 1938 and have been sitting in a barn since then. I scooped them up, cleaned them off and got to work. I found the perfect expandable sconce and put it all together. 

Now I am selling them for $250 each or $450/pair. I can take requests of colors, styles of shutters and sconce styles. Go to my Etsy shop Shutter Aglow to check them out! 

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