Thursday, January 26, 2012

Typical Lily

Yesterday I closed the fridge door to see Lily standing straight up on the kitchen table, staring at me; smiling. As a reminder she is only 19 months old and has already suffered a broken wrist. My next move was calculated so I did not shock her into falling on my rock hard tile floor. I somehow calmly walked over and picked her up <insert> wailing. How dare I save her from certain injury! Bad Mommy.

Next, I turned around to see Ella (3) staring at me; this is what she said next;

"Typical Lily."

Then she went back to playing with dolls and whatnot. Stunned, I just nodded - yup Typical Lily.

"Typical Lily"

My Mommy Mantra - Make your kids an incredible part of your life, not your WHOLE life. 

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