Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Get your Mommy minds out of the gutter.

I'm referring to Ella, my 3 year old's toys. I have been trying to come up with an organizational system in her bedroom which allows her to clean up her toys after herself, wait for it....without the help of ME! Impossible, I know but I have been searching for a method. I think I found it.

Here is the breakdown;

Play Kitchen toys- self explanatory, kitchen items go in the kitchen.
Dress up- All dress up items go in her Dora the Explorer suitcase.

Then there are all those tiny little toys, stuffed animals and baby dolls - normally they end up in a heap in the middle of the floor.

We came up with 3 large baskets that we keep in her closet. Each are labeled.

Right now she is running around her room yelling "SOFT!" and throwing the stuffed animals in the Soft bucket. Earlier she went around grabbing ever baby doll, bib, outfit and threw them all in Baby bin.

Maybe once the excitement wears off, it will be back to me on the floor sorting through the sea of mess, but for now I am soothed by the sounds of Ella yelling "Soft, Hard, Baby!"

As you can tell, I had way too much time on my hands this week. I was sick, sicky sick sick. Couldn't go out to play, couldn't do much of anything. So I organized my house, my clothes, my online photos, I even tried organizing my friends. I'm glad I am feeling better, and can go back to being a bit of a mess. It suits me better.

Mommy Mantra - Make your kids an incredible Part of your life, not your WHOLE life.
Taco night!!! Blue corn tortilla shells, ground beef with homemade taco seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese, chopped tomatos, beans. Yum. Tonight was the first night Ella picked up the taco and ate it like we do. It was bigger than her little head and she was so happy.

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