Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Sleepover Forever

While we were away on vacation Ella and Lily shared a room the whole time. When we came home Ella asked me the most adorable question ever. "Mom, when can I have a sleepover with my sister forever?" Anytime she refers to Lily as "my sister" I melt. So that comment, coupled with Ella's adorable desire to spend every moment with her sister, made me want to smother her with kisses. This question started my quest at putting my two girls in the same bedroom together.

Before the change both my girls loved their rooms. I have prided myself in making their bedrooms the coziest little nests possible. I have filled them with the softest blankets, the happiest colors and all their favorite things. To me this is what a little girl's room should be; filled with joy and happiness and comfort. I was worried that with the change I would mess up their amazing sleep schedules and content nights. Still though, Ella's question tugged at my heart strings, I had to give it a shot.

This weekend Don took apart cribs, moved couches, lugged dressers - all without a single complaint. The whole time Ella was hopping up and down looking to help. With this change we were gaining Lily's old room back as a playroom. This made the move all the more appealing to Ella - Her very own playroom! I saw the happiness oozing out of her little smile.

Has it been seemless? No. Nap time is tough, but we are working out the kinks.

Being 11 years older than my sister, I never had the chance to do many sisterly things. We never shared a room, rode the school bus together, or shared clothes. I wish all those things for my little girls. We always read books about sisters and I try to drive home the lesson that they are best friends first before all others. I want them to always be close. I'm hoping that sharing a room will start them off in the right direction. I am a realist though; I know this love of each other and sharing a room will change with age, and we can switch it up then. For now though, tucking them into bed, reading them a book together and listening outside the door as Ella whispers "goodnight" to Lily is the most amazing way to end my day.

Mommy Mantra - Make your kids an incredible Part of your life, not your WHOLE life.
My brother is in town, so he picked up pizzas and we packed up and had dinner on the beach. The sunset was incredible, Ella and Don went swimming, Lily practiced her walking and I got to relax and enjoy one of the best perks of living on Long Island - the beach. Pizza, Cold Beer, Beach, Sunset, Family, Perfect. I want more nights like tonight.


  1. I'm impressed you have them nap in the same room! Even though my boys have shared a room for over a year, the older one still goes into the guest room to nap. He's going to kindergarten this year so we're fazing out the naps anyway but they still need to be separate or the younger one would never nap!

  2. How sweet! It is wonderful to see how close and loving the girls are- Ella is such a wonderful big sister! Treasure these moments.

  3. Caroline, my girls are on opposite nap schedules now. Lily takes one long morning nap, Ella takes an afternoon one. It seems to be working out ok. Night time is smooth since Lily goes in an hour before Elle. Im sure when they are going to bed at the same time it might be more challenging. Can't believe your little one is going into kindergarten! Where does the time go??? Thanks for reading (:

  4. I want to 1) eat dinner at the beach with the Murphy family, 2) have a sleepover forever with Ella and Lily, 3) see my BFF in the whole world!!!

  5. Rob, all of the above can be arranged (: