Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Conspiracy Against Parents: Take 2

What a long week it has been, and it is only Wednesday. I feel like reposting my post from last March, "Conspiracy Again Parents". Changing the clocks in the fall for daylight savings used to be the best thing ever, extra sleep - bonus. Now, instead of gaining that hour of sleep, you hold out hope that you will get it and it is ripped out from under you. My toddler was bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to party at 5:30am. The saying; "You are lucky you are cute", really hit home this week.

So now I am reworking the system, getting everything back in order. It is exhausting trying to time out a toddler's day. I am sure we will get back into the swing of things, just in time for a new torturous changing of clocks.

"Wino Wednesday" is on hold this week. Back to the Beer Baby! I was craving a nice Oktoberfest. I made it very girlified with a cinnamon and sugar rim. Perfect end to a long day. I promise I will get back to my wine next "Wino Wednesday".

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  1. Hi Celina. Yes, the time change definitely forces adjustments on our rhythm of life. And just when you have it down, we adjust all over again. Love your Oktoberfest beer. Looking forwRd to Wino Wednesday.