Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Holiday Light Show Gone Bad

The other night Don arrived home early from work. We ate a quick dinner and jumped in the car to go see a local Holiday light show. We stopped to get strawberry shakes for the girls and blasted Christmas music the whole way there.
Before those dreaded words were said...

The girls were so excited. The lights were beautiful. We were driving through this 60 acre lot with a one way road with cars in front of us and cars behind us; all of us inching along looking at the light exhibits. The lights were bright and all around. It was pretty amazing.

Then Ella lowers the boom;
"I have to go potty, really really bad."

Maybe the strawberry milkshake wasn't such a great idea. So now the pretty light show turned into an annoying mess as we prayed that the drivers in front would go faster. We went from "oooooos and ahhhhhhhs" to "geez they are just lights, get over it people!" 

Finally we got out of that "trap of a place" and pulled over on the side of the road and Ella had her first experience "popping a squat". She seemed slightly horrified. It made for a memorable experience and will make a good story to tell at Holidays going forward.

Wino (Thursday) Wednesday!
White Wine Change Up
Rockbrook Chardonnay 2009

I needed a white wine to make a sage butter sauce for dinner. I tasted this as I was cooking and it was pretty darn tasty. Not to mention is was $6.99! So rather than let this wine sit in my fridge until the next time I decide to undergo a cooking adventure, I am enjoying a glass. It goes well with the chocolate I stole from my girl's advent calendars....

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  1. Luv your blog, real mom, real stories!!! We try to make everything special...... but...
    Happy Holidays!!!
    ~ Bunny