Friday, December 2, 2011

Lullabies from a 3 year old

The past two nights we have been working on putting the girls to bed at the same time. Last night we were met with some opposition from Lily. A few minutes of her whining, not wanting to sleep but rather play with her sister who was right next to her. Tonight Lily was much more disgruntled. Crying, yelling for us, wanting to get out. A far cry from our easy, just lay her in the crib baby. Tonight she was pissed.

After Don went in one time to try to soothe her, we decided to let her cry it out. What happened next is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. We heard Ella start singing really softly to Lily. Singing our family song, "Noonie noo and a Noonie noo, Noonie noo and a Noonie noo." She sang it over and over again. It wasn't working so she switched to "Row row row your boat, gently down the stream..." Still Lily held strong. Then we heard Ella whisper "Lily, do you want the closet light on? Say yes" Of course Lily said yes and Ella hopped down and turned on the closet light.

Now Ella is softly telling Lily that she needs to go to sleep. She is making up silly rhymes about butterflies, flowers, hearts and princesses. In between saying these rhymes she sings "now go to bed".

I know I will need to go in and tuck them in one more time to get the desired result of sleep, but I am enjoying this too much. A bucket of popcorn and I could listen all night....

******Flash 2 hours later and Lily has exhausted all of Ella's singing skills, my rocking and Don's belly rubs. She finally passed out, but it was a doozy.

No WINO Wednesday this week, since technically it is Thursday and I still am on wine strike due to my cold. Next week, I promise.


  1. We deserved wine (and beer) tonight! Our Lily gave us a run for our money....

  2. Sounds like last Friday night at our house!