Monday, March 14, 2011

Conspiracy Against Parents.

Daylight savings time is a cruel evil trick that was created to test parents and torture us. As soon as we get our kids into a schedule, napping and heading to bed at 8pm sharp - bam! A giant curve ball is thrown at us.

I'm too tired to write, too tired to parent and too tired to try to morph my girls' schedule to get them to bed and napping on time. As a Mom who prides herself in getting her kids to sleep, this is especially tough. I've come to rely on naps and bedtime as my ME time. Once you get used to ME time, its like an addiction - you gotta have it.

I know this fatigue will wear off and the confusion will level off with the girls schedules within a week or so - but in the meantime, I want someone to blame for my suffering - Thanks a lot Benjamin Franklin, thanks a lot.

Mommy Mantra - Make your kids an incredible Part of your life, not your WHOLE life.

Tonight for dinner we had homemade bolognese sauce with spaghetti, salad and fresh sourdough bread. The girls love spaghetti, so this was an easy meal. They especially love tomatoes. I bought a new bottle of Raspberry vinaigrette today, so Ella's salad went down without a fight. The cutest thing that Ella does at dinner time, is when dinner is over. She asks to be excused from the table and then turns and says with the biggest smile you can imagine "Can I have something special?" If we say yes, which we try not to do every night, but if we do, she says "Do I have to close my eyes?" She then proceeds to get down on the floor, face down and cover her eyes until we bring out her dessert. Some nights its fresh fruit with a little whip cream and sprinkles, some nights it might be cookies from the bakery or ice cream. Whatever the dessert she keeps her eyes closed until we tell her its ready. She opens them and gasps - every time. If I could I would give her dessert 20 times a day just to get this experience more often. It makes me melt.

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