Monday, March 7, 2011


My little Lily flower was sick today, so any plans we made went out the window. Instead while Lily napped periodically throughout the day Ella and I did crafts and played in the backyard. We were working on our alphabet and talking about what letters belong to what word. I had the Food Network on in the background, I was attempting to make Tyler Florence's Ultimate cooked whole fish recipe. My husband had DVRd it and was really looking forward to it for dinner. Let me preface this by saying, I am a novice cook - I only recently started cooking after I was laid off and officially became a SAHM. This meal was a stretch for me, but my hubby is an incredible cook, so the pressure was on.

Ella was looking down at the alphabet and was reciting P-P-P for Patrick. P-P-P for Penguin. P-P-P for Panchetta...exsqueeze me? I looked at her a bit confused and then I looked up at the TV and saw Tyler Florence placing Panchetta into the hot pan. I started laughing and said yes, exactly P for Panchetta.

Ella had Tyler Florence's stripped bass with escarole, zucchini and P-P-P Panchetta for dinner. She ate so much she got Reeses Pieces ice cream for dessert.

Mommy Mantra Moment - How to make your kids an incredible Part of your life, not your WHOLE life.

How I found a moment for Me today? A good 'mommy' girlfriend called while both girls had a brief overlap in their naps. The double nap is something I consider myself a bit of an expert at. I usually get both of them to sleep at the same time in the afternoon for at least 1-2 hours...its a fluke I have no advice it just happened one day. I have tried to repeat it everyday since. Usually this time I spend cleaning, laundry, make appointments etc. Today I stopped cleaning, put down the laundry and sat on the couch and caught up with her. It felt so good to give my whole attention to to another Mom who took a minute out of her hectic day to call me to catch up. We got more accomplished in that 20 minute conversation than I do with most friends in a week. Im going to try to do that more, take a minute to really listen to a friend who calls rather than always rush, rush, rush, rush.

Im curious if any of you out there reading have your own Mommy Mantra, something that guides you in your parenting style, describes what kind of parent you are or hope to be. I would LOVE to hear them.  Thanks for all the amazing feedback and whoever you are out in Alaska reading, so cool!

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