Sunday, March 6, 2011

Teacher's Pet

If you didn't think I was a proud parent from the last post, Im hitting it home tonight.

This week I had a parent-teacher conference with Ella's teacher from pre-school. I figured, how involved could this be, they barely speak, how can someone critique them already? I went into the conference brushing it off, this doesnt mean anything.

Who am I kidding, it means everything! Someone who isn't your family critiquing all your hard work, what could be better?

Miss L. gushed, called Ella her VERY student; Very bright, Very sweet, Very self-aware and Very social. I sat speechless. As parents do my husband and I have always marveled at her smarts and her wit - but it felt incredible to hear an "outsider" say it.

After speaking with Miss L, I walked out to find Ella, she looked up at me and smiled. I then reached into my bag and pulled out a lollipop the size of Ella's hand and gave it to her. Wide eyed she just stared at me - I told her she is my Very Very good girl and I am so proud of her everyday. She snatched the lollipop and swung her arms around me squeezing me so tight. She hopped away skipping. While I may not always get a rave review, I feel confidant that I am laying the ground work for a VERY good kid.

My mantra moment - "Make your kids an incredible Part of your life not your WHOLE life"-

Tonight for dinner Ella and Lily ate salmon, fresh greek salad with feta cheese, olives, hummus and eggplant dip (ok Ella poked the eggplant dip with her fork for awhile). They both gobbled up their entire plate happily. Getting your kids to eat EXACTLY what you eat is imperative. You dont want to be making different meals all day long. I never force feed, I encourage that every time they try everything on their plate at least once. Even if one night I make potatoes ( the bane of Ella's existence).  She will try them with the sheer look of disgust on her face - I often look away its too hard to watch. I always make her try them again the next time I make them. Try try try even if its one bite.

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