Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great Mom or Great Housewife...pick one

Today the laundry was piled high, the dishes were pouring out the sink and the dust bunnies were plotting a riot. All the while I was sitting on the floor playing Chutes and Ladders and putting together a 50 piece puzzle with Ella. My little Ella has pink eye and an ear infection. I wanted to give her a little extra love and attention to cheer her up. So I ignored my 'housewife" duties and focused solely on my Mommy duties.

I find it very hard to be both a great Mom and great housekeeper everyday always. I feel like some days, the floors are spotless and dinner is prepped, but Ella has had to watch her fair share of Barney for me to get this far along. There are the days like today, where we play dress up and work on our letters and numbers and I squint to try not to see the mess piling up around us. On these particular days, its a mad dash at nap time for me to clean like crazy and get dinner prepped.

Im working on ways to find the balance. I try to incorporate Ella into my cleaning or cooking regime. Handing her a wet rag and a broom is such a game to her. It creates more work for me than it does help, but it keeps her occupied. Lily, my 9 month old is another story. She is crawling and pulling herself up on everything. I really cant get much done unless she is in the high chair.

I have a great Mommy friend who inspires me so much. She is the queen of prep. She preps her daughter's clothes for the week, preps dinners the night before, preps her week; so it flows smoothly and effortlessly. I'm working on it.

Mommy Mantra - Make your kids an incredible Part of your life, not your WHOLE life.

I made an interesting dinner tonight. It was a desperate search to make whatever I could find, since we came back from a long hike and were starving. Sweet potato gnocchi in a white wine and butter sauce with chicken, sweet peas, parisian carrots and red onions. It was a one pot dish thrown together in 20 minutes. It came out so yummy! The girls were happy, Hubby was happy. Mission accomplished.

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