Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eyelashes are overrated

Im so wiped today for some reason. Dragging all day long. To add insult to injury, I was trying to lay Lily down for her nap and she has this new obsession with eyes, touching them at every chance she gets. She is so gentle and sweet, softly touching my eye as I give her bottle. She starts touching my eyelashes and giggling. All of a sudden, the pain ooooo the pain! She grabbed my eyelashes with her little tiny pinchers and pulled with all her might! My little Lily Angel made my eye water and made me jump in pain. All the while she is giggling and giggling.

False eyelashes anyone?

Anyone ever suffer an injury in the line of duty? Parenthood duty...

Adding to my day - Ella and Lily had a frozen Whole Foods Pepperoni Pizza with Salad and Raspberry vinaigrette. No gourmet meals tonight - pizza, salad, milk - bed. I do have to say the Raspberry Vinaigrette by Annies got Ella to start eating salad - she calls it her raspberry sauce. She thinks she's getting away with something. If your little one wont touch the stuff, pour on the dressing!


  1. No real injuries to report but I did have to make an emergency visit to the dentist. I thought I had a loose tooth after Abby's shoe collided with my mouth. My sweet, little Lily. She's so cute even if she is abusing you :)

  2. OK, Ilove your blog. I have tried to blog but with twins and working 50 hours in a daycare it just does not work. You are doing good and I love it...I am not sure if this is a good mantra but mine is usually " take it one day at a time and smile"